In the 1960’s, astronaut Scott Anders blasted off into orbit as part of a secret government-sponsored space program. Its purpose was to investigate a phenomenon in deep space known as the Kayless Rift. Three days later, Scott’s ship disappeared. The mission was covered up and forgotten.

Today, Scott’s ship crash lands back to earth. He emerges from the wreckage, barely aged since he left… and he’s not the same man he used to be.

Where has Scott been?  What does he plan to do now? And what did he find out there? As Scott navigates a new world now foreign to him, he will face off against elusive government agents, a secret society that has been awaiting his return, and the seemingly insurmountable challenge that drives him – to return to the rift in space.  And how is it connected to a group of terrorists planning an attack on Los Angeles?

By writer Brent Larson, artist Luis Czerniawski, colorist Leandro Huergo, and letterer Wes Locher.