Silverline is a genre spanning independent comic book and graphic novel publisher.


BJ Mann: CEO
Roland Mann: EIC and Publisher
Barb Kaalberg: CFO
John Metych III: Editor
Wes Locher: Editor
Kurtis Fujita: Creative Director/Editor
Tim Thiessen: Associate Editor
Brad Thomte: Logo Design
Mike W. Belcher: Production Designer
Scott Wakefield: Publicist
Brett Mann: Online Streaming Tech
Brittany Mann: Social Media
Jeff Whiting: I.T.


Silverline began way back in the late 80s at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. While trying to drum up support for his then girlfriend’s (now wife BJ) run for Homecoming Court, Roland Mann spotted a painting of a hero he’d never seen before. It was a painting of an original character created by Steven Butler. The two exchanged notes about their desire to break into the comic industry (and their stacks of rejection letters), and agreed to meet up later to talk comics.