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Trumps #1

On the world citizens call THE DECK, a war for power is happening between the Kingdom of Diamonds and the Kingdom of Clubs. Spades and Hearts sit on the sidelines and watch as only one kingdom can hold the seat of power and become TRUMPS.

“Overall, Trumps #1 is an excellent addition to the world of comic books, and one that is sure to delight fans. Silverline has done an outstanding job with this release, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me next. If you’re looking for an exciting and action-packed read, then Trumps #1 is definitely worth checking out.”

“a 9.8”

Florida Geek Scene

The Jack of Hearts and his ragtag army must decide to take a stand against the Ace of Clubs. The Queen of Hearts makes her move on the King of Diamonds now that his queen is dead. Wanting the power for himself, the Jack of Diamonds makes a deal with the Off-Joker…but at what price? All this in a tale entitled “Lily of the Valley”

The King and Queen of Diamonds are both dead and the Jack ascends to the throne with the Queen of Spades by his side. The King of Spades calls for his army…only, he has none. Foul play is suspected as the Aces are called to return to their respective kingdoms and prepare for battle. The Clubs decide to launch an all-out assault on the Diamonds while their kingdom is in disarray. All this in a story titled “The King is dead, long live the Jack!”