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Kayless #1

In 1967 the CIA sent astronauts into space to investigate an astronomical anomaly. But before they could report their findings, they mysteriously vanished. That is, until today, when one of those astronauts–Scott Anders, crashes to earth and emerges unscathed and hellbent to return to wherever it is he’s been for all this time. But where has he been and he did he gain his newfound invulnerability?

Kayless #1 is a promising start to what looks like a compelling and engaging comic book series. It is a must-read for fans of sci-fi and mystery genres.”

“8.7” – Florida Geek Scene

  • After the CIA refuses to acknowledge Scott Anders existence since his mysterious return to Earth after disappearing in 1967, Scott takes on the dangerous task of tracking down a missing girl. Meanwhile, the granddaughter of a CIA agent Scott worked with previously in the 1960s informs him that she wants to reopen Project Kayless, and wants Scott to work with them. Unfortunately for her, she’s caught the attention of the clandestine organization pulling the strings-and they’re not happy.