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Content Spotlight: Favorite Holidays

Hey there Silverline Fam! We got some festive content to share with you! This week’s feature is an episode of Silver Sunday where the crew talks about their favorite holidays. We really tried to cover all our bases with that smorgasbord style content.

This one is from October but still applies now in December. We do also feature an appearance from Resident Brit, Peter Clinton for the international opinion.

We’ll have some more appropriately festive content in the coming weeks, so be sure to check out those posts.

Also be sure to check out our live stream on Wednesday, December 22 for the Silverline Christmas party! It’s going to feature a whole bunch of different Silverline creators and will be a wild ride!

We hope to see you then, until that time, make mine Silverline!


We Have Cool (Deadly) Friends!

Hi there Silverline family!

Today we’re featuring something you probably did not see coming. A Kung Fu influenced instrumental-hip-hop music video! If that caught you off guard, I don’t blame you.

Long-time fans of Silverline may have seen some hints. Several members of our crew are practitioners of martial arts or combat sports (kickboxer here). Previously on an episode of the comics-fu show, Kurtis had already talked about the intersection of comics, martial arts, and hip-hop.

And it’s happening AGAIN!

Captain Walas released a single this year titled Drunken Tiger featuring Alan Yip. The inspiration for this single and music video comes from our very own Kurtis Fujita! Kurtis is both a dope comic creator and a sifu (a master and instructor of kung fu). His most recent project Shadow Ghost is a combination of both passions. This title is something you should absolutely be on the lookout for if you enjoy martial arts, comic books, or a good time.

Please check out the music video and give Captain Walas all the love! Be on the lookout for Shadow Ghost in the future. And remember to “make mine Silverline!”


Content Spotlight: Breaking into Comics

Hey there, Silverline Fam!

We got another great show for you! Right before taking off for the Thanksgiving break, the Wednesday Whammers talked about one of the hottest subjects for young creators. How the heck do you break into comics, and what does that look like?

All of the creators on this episode have worked with a wide array of companies in the industry (Silverline of course being the most important!) and on a number of published comics. This is a team that has already fallen forward, so take some of their advice to avoid the same pitfalls.

Wednesday Wham is our weekly live show that we air Wednesdays at 8 Pm EST on Twitch and Youtube. That means there is real-time engagement, including audience questions. If you are a creator hoping to make it in comics, follow our channels and catch the next live show so you can hear from our retinue of seasoned vets.


New Book Alert! Silverline Double Feature: TwilightGrimm 3 and White Devil 1

Hey there Silverline Family!

It is Tuesday 11/23. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we got another reason to be thankful! Two new books are now available for preorder from Silverline Comics! that’s right, it’s another Silverline Double Feature featuring the third installment of Twilight Grimm and a brand new title, White Devil.

Both titles are written by comics veteran R.A. Jones. Twilight Grimm features art by Rob Davis, and colors by Mickey Calausen. White Devil features art by Jaxon Renick, colors by Phil Leon, and inks by Mike Keeney. Both titles were lettered by Mike W. Belcher.

You already know and love Twilight Grimm, but if you don’t you can add on the back-issues to your pledge or order them from our shop. Twilight Grimm #3 continues the story of Twilight Grimm as he continues his mission as the sole protector of humans stuck in the vampire-ruled Blood Zone.

White Devil is a completely new title, introducing Temple O’ Rouke, the White Devil of the Japan of Tomorrow. A man hunting human traffickers, and discovers a plot involving the forced cybernetic modification of their victims.

Head on over to our Kickstarter and get your preorder placed today. Remember this is a Silverline book. So each book is already completed and is 22 pages of beautifully rendered art and a masterfully told story.

Thank you for supporting and believing in us. If it was not for you, we would not be able to keep pumping as many titles as we do.

We’ll catch you next time and until then, Make Mine Silverline!


Content Spotlight: The Comics Fu Show Issue 2

Hey there, Silver-folk!

Today we’re showcasing a different kind of offering on our youtube channel. The Comics Fu Show is one of my new favorite things. If you love martial arts, hip hop, or even just comics, then you’ll dig this episode.

This episode was recorded in celebration of Hispanic/Latino/Latinx Heritage Month and features special guest martial artist, actor, independent producer, and comic creator José Figueroa. Our hosts, Patrick Lugo and Sifu Kurtis Fujita take a deep dive into the oral history of Kung Fu & Hip Hop in Spanish Harlem. But only after some thoughts on VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE and 90’s comics in general.

As someone who grew up on comics in the ’90s, trains kickboxing every other day, and listens to RZA daily. This episode spoke to my soul.

I hope you check this great new show and get as much out of it as I did.


Silverline Christmas Special is now In-Demand!

What’s good, Silverline Fam?! You did it again! Another banger from the Silverline audience. You guys funded the Christmas Special on Kickstart and Indiegogo. In fact, you went above and beyond. We went over double our goal for the initial backing/pre-order window.

Did you miss your chance to preorder? Did you just recently realize you have a family member who loves comics and NEEDS this thicc collection on their coffee table? Are you a well-to-do dowager who has only recently decided to spend on small fortune comics because it’s fashionable?

Well, do I have good news for you! The Silverline Christmas Special is now available to be ordered In-Demand through Indiegogo. What does that mean? You can still get an order in before it’s too late!

There are some disclosures we need to give. When you order In-Demand, it may not arrive at the same time as those who initially pre-ordered and may not include the same exclusives that were available during the initial backing period. If you want to get your order on DAY 1 and with the option to get TONS of UNIQUE ARE and ADD-ONS, make sure you follow our NEW Kickstarter or Indiegogo account so that you can get your order in during that initial backing period.

Again, thank you, folks, so much for funding every single book we put out. We love you as much as we love comics (that’s ALOT!). We hope to see you for our next book.

Until that time, Make Mine Silverline!


Content Spotlight: I know what you read last Halloween

Hey there Silverline Fam!

This week’s post is a couple of hours late due to literally everyone in the office playing New World (Go Marauders!). Anyway, this week is another content spotlight. Before we get into some current Spooky Season goodness next week, let’s revisit a Title Spotlight from last year’s Halloween! The title we looked at was Demon’s Tails, available now through our storefront.

In other news, our Kickstarter and Indiegogo for the Christmas Special are still going on. If you want to preorder your copy of this insane collection, follow either link and order your copy today!


Content Spotlight: Game Nights!

What’s Good Gamers? That’s right, Silverline also plays the vidya games (In fact, some of us stream regularly). But for the first time as a company, we had a company game night! Not all of us could, unfortunately, but also that would have been insane trying to fit that many people on screen, given the size our live videocast and team has grown to. It was a ton of fun to watch, and the crew had a blast playing.

The games featured were from The Jackbox Party Pack which allows live audience participation. Make sure to catch our future streams if you want to get in on the fun!


Something’s Coming. I Can Feel It.

Hey, Silverline fam!

Do you smell that? It smells like peppermint and a freshly printed book. That’s right, grab your stockings and gird your fireplace (Do people still have those?). The Silverline Christmas Special is catching a ride with Santa and is on its way to all the good nerds and geeks.

Right now you, dear reader, can go to our upcoming Kickstarter (KS) or IndieGoGo (IGG) and follow this festive special. That means you’ll be notified the second it launches, so you can preorder a floppy and a copy. Of course, you’ll want one for yourself but it’ll make the perfect gift for your cool friends and family who share your passion for comics.

This is a massive collection of stories from every corner of the Silverline Universe. At least 15 stories are confirmed, but who knows, we could always slip a few more in there if you have been extra-extra good.

Of course, I know what you’re thinking. “It’s October, shouldn’t Tim T.K., resident Comic Goth, be focused on Halloween?” Don’t you worry, I am decking the halls with skulls-a-plenty, but this is a collection you won’t want to miss. By funding now we can ship it to you right on time. We want to get this baby to you while you still have your lights and tree up.

So head over to our KS or IGG campaigns and get this massive trade paperback saved so you can get yours preordered right away. Make sure to give IGG some love if that is your preferred way of buying indie comics. We always knock KS out of the park, but IGG is something brand new and it allows us to create a second storefront for you, dear reader.

We hope you decided to make this collection a part of your holiday season. We wouldn’t be able to do this if it wasn’t for you. Our goal is for this to bring you some extra joy and for our stories and characters to keep you company in the cold nights ahead. Nothing like staying in and wrapping up with a hot drink and a good book. Make yours Silverline!


Content Spotlight: Silver Sunday

Hey Silver Family!

This week is another spotlight of some content we put out here at Silverline. This would be a throwback, but I’m not sure two days count as much of a throwback. It might be more of a light-toss-back but that isn’t a thing.

If you put the math together with the postdate. Two days would be Sunday. Hey! We have a show on Sundays! That’s right the spotlight this week is on Silver Sunday.

This week had a really interesting topic, getting into some of the legalities of comic creation. If you’re interested in joining the comics field, or if you just really like learning how the sausage gets sued, this is a great watch.