Jeff Delmer’s bored with his life as heir to his old man’s fortune, but romance brings a spark to his life as the festivity of New Orleans Mardi Gras unfolds. Unfortunately, Jeff’s new love, Lois Neville, is one of the dark sirens tied to Felicity Green, a priestess who has appropriated some of the most terrifying secrets of New Orleans voodoo to give herself eternal youth. Inadvertently, Jeff’s put himself on the path to becoming a zombie in Felicity’s thrall.

Fighting deterioration, Jeff sets off with a full-fledged zombie known as Sheck to break Felicity’s hold on him and destroy her power. From back alley magic shops to deep in the Louisiana swamps, Jeff’s in a battle to save himself and Lois, but could cost him everything in the process. Old school zombies are just as bad as the post apocalyptic kind.