From the pages of Cat & Mouse.

Keith Greyson is a veterinarian. That’s all he wants to do. That’s all he’s ever wanted to do. Unfortunately for him, he keeps getting caught up in events that cause him to perform as Demon…but he’s definitely not a demon.

This time, a cult in New Orleans has been doing harm to the locals, all in the name of Demon. And Keith doesn’t take kindly to that so he out to stop them.

All the while, his old college pals are in town looking for him…and so is his sister. Only she is bringing some bad news.

Originally published as a 4 issue mini-series by Adventure Comics (Malibu) in 1993. Reprinted in graphic novel/collection in 2015 (Classic edition). Written by Roland Mann, pencilled by Paul Pelletier, inked by Thomas Florimonte (with Tom Romano), lettered by Rik Mayo.