At this point in time, Silverline Comics is not accepting submissions. We’re covered up in projects (that’s a good thing). Try back in SUMMER 2021.


Basic Publishing Plan

*Creators retain copyright.

*Profits will be money made after printing/shipping (meaning, nothing extra/no “overhead.” At least not at this point)

*Creators take 80% of profits (split accordingly with the various creators)–meaning, no upfront pay (I’m a teacher by day–you probably KNOW what that pays! … that, and I don’t have corporate funding. If you know a rich company that likes comics, send them my way)

*Crowdfund issues upon completion (so we can ship immediately)–NOT before.

*After ALL issues have been crowdfunded and shipped, we’ll solicit through Diamond.

*After ALL issues have been crowdfunded and shipped, we’ll collect to a trade–PROBABLY crowdfund that, too, in order to try to generate cash. All the crowdfunding will depend on active creators pushing their fans to support them.

*All this means, obviously, we aren’t on a “monthly” schedule…we’ll do them as we can, with the idea/goal to finish a mini series in one year.

*The content will be PG-13; we want to shoot for a wide audience as possible. Actually, my idea would be like 70s-80s Marvel/DC…y’know, when they were GOOD! 🙂 *See Content Guidelines below



Yes, Silverline titles will be creator owned, but an editor to work with the writer(s) to hammer the story out. It’ll always be the creator’s story, but a good editor can help a lot. We want to work with writers who KNOW that.

Beyond that, the editor’s chief task will be to shepherd the project along, looking for mistakes/errors, HELPING the creators make a great book and making sure the content is in line with the Silverline Content Guidelines.

Content guidelines

Silverline is solid PG-13. In a nutshell, that means no nudity and avoid swearing. Yes, Silverline is an “indy” company and indy companies are often known for both of those elements. However, those are “traditional” concepts that stem from the day of black and white print and back room comic racks. With changing technologies, we hope our content will be available to a much wider audience. Independent comics sell less through traditional comic shop outlets today and more through the internet and at conventions. Convention attendees are increasing in both female and family participation, and the internet is practically available to all. Think “Comics Code +”.

We hold fast to the First Amendment and support your right to do works that fall outside our own guidelines, but these are our guidelines because it represents the kind of content we want to be involved with. If your project falls outside the guidelines, take them elsewhere—we’ll likely cheer you on.

*No nudity. If you can’t show it to your 8 year old niece, just don’t.

*Fictional violence is okay, but we will avoid the over-the-top graphic violence. Often what happens off-panel is more powerful than what happens on panel, anyway; readers have a vivid imagination…let them use it!

*Avoid swearing. We’re huge fans of the code-comics and Battlestar Galactica plan: create a substitute word. “Ah Frak”—works fine and we understand the meaning. You can also substitute symbols for words (called a grawlix)—they convey the message and actually allow the READER to fill in the blank for whatever appropriate word they think works best in the situation. This: “Ah $✱♪?” also works. Absolutely no “fuck” “goddamn” (or it’s spelling variations) “shit,” “bitch,” “ass.” Limit use of “piss,” “damn” and “hell.” You’re a creative person–use your imagination please.

*Avoid political posturing and flag waving. It’s okay for the characters to have a political opinion—it often makes them more interesting—but provide balance. Our audience comes from all across the political spectrum. We want to entertain them all. If your story is all about “hate Trump” or “hate Obama,” take it elsewhere as it isn’t for us.


Did you make it this far? Okay, if you did and you’re still interested, please send samples (or links to portfolios are preferred) of your work to