New Book Alert! Silverline Double Feature: TwilightGrimm 3 and White Devil 1

Hey there Silverline Family!

It is Tuesday 11/23. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we got another reason to be thankful! Two new books are now available for preorder from Silverline Comics! that’s right, it’s another Silverline Double Feature featuring the third installment of Twilight Grimm and a brand new title, White Devil.

Both titles are written by comics veteran R.A. Jones. Twilight Grimm features art by Rob Davis, and colors by Mickey Calausen. White Devil features art by Jaxon Renick, colors by Phil Leon, and inks by Mike Keeney. Both titles were lettered by Mike W. Belcher.

You already know and love Twilight Grimm, but if you don’t you can add on the back-issues to your pledge or order them from our shop. Twilight Grimm #3 continues the story of Twilight Grimm as he continues his mission as the sole protector of humans stuck in the vampire-ruled Blood Zone.

White Devil is a completely new title, introducing Temple O’ Rouke, the White Devil of the Japan of Tomorrow. A man hunting human traffickers, and discovers a plot involving the forced cybernetic modification of their victims.

Head on over to our Kickstarter and get your preorder placed today. Remember this is a Silverline book. So each book is already completed and is 22 pages of beautifully rendered art and a masterfully told story.

Thank you for supporting and believing in us. If it was not for you, we would not be able to keep pumping as many titles as we do.

We’ll catch you next time and until then, Make Mine Silverline!

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