Welcome to the second Silverline MYSTERY BOX!

Here’s where you can place your bid for the Silverline Comics Mystery Box!

There are 10 total mystery boxes.

EACH box has:

  • One page of pencil art from a Silverline comic.
  • One page of inked art from a Silverline comic.
  • One Silverline sketch cover comic with art by one of the following Silverline artists: Peter Clinton, Barb Kaalberg, Rob Davis, Thomas Florimonte, Jose Fuentes, or Dean Zachary (they will be randomly placed into the boxes)
  • One copy of the Dean Zachary Cover Gallery, (five of which have been signed by him–so…well, someone else will have to do the math on your chances for one signed! ha).
  • One Silverline Classic Graphic Novel.
  • One Malibu back issue written by Roland Mann (and signed by him).
  • One 11X17 print that is a cover of a published Silverline comic.
  • One Kickstarter comic from a past kickstarter campaign. These are all “overprints” that we had leftover from the campaigns (and we refuse to “sell” them like some do).
  • Five backing board sized prints.
  • A surprise fun thing or two.

The above list is in every box.


  1. Randomly placed in EIGHT of the boxes will an original inked cover for a Silverline comic, ONE of which is over Steven Butler pencils.
  2. Randomly placed in ONE box will be a black Silverline t-shirt(XL).
  3. Randomly placed in ONE box will be a double-page spread penciled by Dean Zachary and inked by Barb Kaalberg, pages 2-3 of a previous version of Silver Blade.

You will note those items total 10. The items do not stack, meaning only one of the above is in one of the boxes–you won’t get two of the above…unless you get two boxes, that is.

Opening “bids” for each start at $50. Please bid in increments of $5 or higher. To bid on a box simply REPLY to Roland’s comment below to the appropriately numbered box. Thus, if you would like to obtain Mystery Box #7, scroll down to find Roland’s comment for “Mystery Box #7” and REPLY to that with your opening bid of $50…or outbid whoever has already bid.

We have planned for $25 for the Fed-ex rate (they quoted us $25-$30). So $25 for the contents is–we think–one heck of a deal. It IS an auction, so some of the boxes will likely (hopefully) be more than the initial amount…but we HOPE that is the case.

We’re doing this to raise some money to create more fun Silverline items, small things like the #makeminesilverline wrist bands, yes, but bigger things, too. Two of these new things you’ll find in each mystery box (we can’t WAIT for you to see them!).

We WILL ship internationally, but in addition to the bid, you’ll need to cover any fed-ex charges above $25. We’ll get the exact charges from Fed-Ex and then let you know. This could be a great way for some Silverline international fans to get some coveted Silverline product.

To “close” the auction/bidding, the comments will be closed on Sunday, Dec 18th at midnight EST (which is 9p PST). A few days for collecting funds…we will work to get all packages off to winning bidders before Christmas!

As always, thank you so much for your continued support of Silverline.


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  1. Trust me, I know some of what’s in these boxes and WOW!! They are worth every penny and then some. There is a lot of bang for your buck!

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