Brad Thomte trained as a Graphics Illustrator in the USAF, Brad Thomte has been lettering comics on and off for 25 years. In 1994, he started working
on a small press book from Mockingbird Studios called Tech City: Electronic Gods. This book got him featured in the Dyess AFB newspaper and gave him samples to pitch at conventions.

In the early 90’s, after he separated from the USAF, Brad attended the
Dallas Fantasy Fair regularly and was introduced to a great selection
of indy comic talent.  This gave him exposure to to amazing creators
and excellent opportunities to keep lettering and improve his craft.
Through the mid to late 90’s, Brad lettered books for Caliber Press,
Mojo Press, and Absolute Studios.  He also edited and published some
small press books.  One of Brad’s favorite connections from the Dallas
Fantasy Fair Days also become a good friend, Roland Mann.

Roland reached out to Brad on several occasions to letter books for
his comics for Silverline.  Brad and Roland worked together on
Silverline titles Switchblade, Scarybook, Marauder, and Silverstorm.
Roland also got Brad work with Malibu Comics on the Ultraverse titles.

Since then, Brad has lettered on and off, working with Bill Williams
and Bill Willingham in 2000 on the Lonestar Press title Pantheon.
And, again in 2013 lettering a story in Mouseguard: Tales of the Guard
Vol. 2 for Archaia.  Written by Bill Willingham, this story was Brad’s
first foray into computer lettering as well as coloring.

Recently, Roland has reached out again and asked Brad help design
logos for relaunch of the Silverline titles.  So far, he has created
the new Silverline banner and bullet, as well as the Switchblade and
Friar Rush logos.

Brad’s Silverline Checklist:
Silverline Logo Designer
Kayless #3
Marauder 2-3
SilverStorm (V2) 1-3

Brad’s Social Media Links: