Kurtis Fujita is an artist, writer, and martial arts master. He is the Creative Director at Silverline Comics, the Head Instructor of Tiger Crane Kung Fu, and the creator of the highly anticipated comic book “Shadow Ghost: the Kung Fu Comic by a Kung Fu Master”.

Inspired by his passion for both martial arts and comic books, he has endeavored to bring the essence of Kung Fu to the medium with his new series. With over a quarter of a century of Martial Arts experience and an extensive professional art background in the fields of comic books, animation, film, and video games, Kurtis aims to bring unparalleled accuracy in regards to the depiction of Kung Fu in the sequential artform. The first issue is currently in production and will be published by Silverline Comics.


Kurtis’ Silverline Checklist:
Silverline Creative Director
Editor Kayless Series

Shadow Ghost (upcoming)