Rob Davis began his professional art career doing illustrations for role-playing games. Working with a number of independent publishers he began lettering and inking, then penciling comics—most notably for Malibu Comics on Scimidar with writer R.A. Jones. Rob began working on likeness-intensive comics like TV adaptations of Quantum Leap and Star Trek’s many incarnations: primarily on the Deep Space Nine comics for Malibu but also on DC’s Star Trek comics. Under his own publishing banner Rob has produced the books  Robyn of Sherwood with writer Paul Storrie and Daughter of Dracula with writer Ron Fortier. Rob is Art Director, Designer and Illustrator for the New Pulp publisher Airship 27 Productions partnered with writer/editor Ron Fortier. Rob is the recipient of the Pulp Factory Award for “Best Interior Illustrations” in 2010 and 2015 for his work on Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. He works and lives in central Missouri with his wife and two children.

Rob Davis, artist of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek and Art Director, Designer and Illustrator for New Pulp publisher Airship 27 Productions will be appearing this year signing copies of his Graphic Novels Robyn of Sherwood  and Daughter of Dracula and the self-published color comic Spirit of Route 66. He will also be signing books he has illustrated for Airship 27 including Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective  volumes 1-10. Also available for sale are black and white and color prints and he will take original sketch requests.


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