ANDREA BORMIDA – 30+ years professional comic artist from Italy. His love for comics started with american superheroes, and Disney’s adventures. He began his professional walk on Graziano Origa’s Videomax; a tribute to old daily strips. He then collaborated with Sergio Bonelli Editore for almost 25 years, mainly on the sci-fi series, including Legs Weaver, Nathan Never, Agenzia Alfa, Asteroide Argo. With a couple of digressions into the fantasy worlds of Jonathan Steele and Dragonero.

Since 2018, he began an artist for hire journey, that led him to three numbers of Drew Eash’s Captain Luv; meanwhile he also did three numbers of Jason Barrett’s Heru. A collaboration that still goes on. He currently lives in Stresa, Italy.

Andrea is the artist for Beyond the Star’s #1 for Silverline.