Silverline Halloween Memories (and some costumes)

We asked Silverline Creators

What was your favorite Halloween costume or memory?

And they gave us some interesting replies. SOME of those come with pictures. Here they are:

-Rob Davis

One Halloween while I was attending college I asked a couple of friends from the theater department to apply fake hair and makeup, making me look like a werewolf. After sitting in a chair while they worked on me for a couple of hours one look in the mirror convinced me I’d win the costume contest I planned to enter at a fraternity party I’d been invited to. After winning the prize it was suggested that one of the guys would tie a really thick rope around my waist and we’ d go “trick or treating” in the dorms. While crossing the street from the frat house to the campus a dog was trotting along the sidewalk, caught one look at me and ran squealing off into the night. We then proceeded to terrorize the dorms with my costume for the next hour or so. 

There was just one down side to this story in that when it came time to remove the fake hair the spirit gum they’d used really stuck to me. I had to ruin two disposable razors shaving the stuff off. 

-Kurtis Fujita

So here is a photo of my Wolverine costume from when I was 6 years old. This was in the early 80’s and so Wolverine wasn’t popular in the mainstream consciousness nor was there any merchandise available for him. My father made this custom Wolverine costume for me and I was very excited to wear it for Halloween in Hawaii. I was so excited that I recall running up a long driveway hill and shouting trick or treat to the homeowner and then running back down the hill before they had a chance to give me any candy.

-Quinton Bedwell

The most memorable costume I ever had was was a Ben Cooper HE-MAN costume. The reason I remember it is because my whole family went to the MS State fair and my Dad took me all around and I met Darth Vader. Apparently Darth was selling glow necklaces to raise money for a new Death Star because some vandals blew up the first one. LOL… Golden Memory of all my family being together and meeting my favorite character… Well favorite before I learned he was responsible for the death of an entire planet. RIP Alderaan…

-MacKenzie Wertman

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays but, most of all, my favorite time of the year. There is just something about Fall with all the colors of the trees, pumpkin flavor, campfires, and sweatshirts mixed with the season of fantasy that comes with Halloween time that just gets me buzzing. It’s like “magic” is alive and well, and Halloween kicks off the start of the celebration.

From the beginning, my parents made sure to make all the holidays special, and Halloween was no exception. Dressing up was always something that was encouraged in my family, and I’m so glad I was never one of those kids that grew out of it. I have such fond memories of Halloween with my family, as we all dressed up and sat on my grandparent’s porch in my hometown. I’ve been everything from a werewolf to a witch, a skeleton, a vampire (the Twilight kind), and I even went as Cher one year. (Thanks, Mom! Haha!) The longest-running costume was a cowboy, which I wore for about three years straight until I sadly grew out of it. (Don’t worry, though! I kept it just in case I have children in the future that I can force into it!) My best costume may have been the year I went as Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas, in which the makeup took me a full three hours to complete! And for an honorable mention, I always found it hilarious that my parents dressed me as a dinosaur when I was two, only for that to become my day job, twenty plus years later! (I guess they knew even then!)

There’s just something about the creativity and freedom that comes with Halloween– the power to be anything you want for one entire night! I never felt like I was wearing a costume. I always felt like I was embodying the character that I was dressing up as, and although I’ve embodied quite a few, there was one I loved above all the rest…

My favorite costume – or as I like to say, embodiment – was the year that I was able to be Darth Vader.

Yep! That’s right. The big man in black with a red lightsaber… Although mine was green cause it was Yoda’s and KB Toys had sold out of all things Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker during that time, but even with the wrong lightsaber, the year I was able to be Darth Vader was super special. I’ve loved Star Wars for nearly my entire life, and my love for Darth Vader has far surpassed that love on many levels… and in 2005, when I was able to become him, I felt like I had risen to greater heights than I would ever achieve in my lifetime. No one ever told me that simply because I was a girl, I couldn’t dress up as him, nor did any of my guy friends comment about it.

In fact, there were about twelve Darth Vader’s in my small private school that year, and I vividly remember keeping the mask on for a long while so no one would have any idea it was me… and no one did! My mom had dressed me in secret so that no one would know, and I remember kids guessing and guessing, trying to figure out it was me, but I even had a 3D mask that changed my voice to Vader’s so no one could tell! Of course, with my known love for Star Wars, they had figured it out eventually, but even then, it was like we all carried on as the Dark Lord of the Sith instead of little 3rd and 4th graders! Later that night, after the school’s Halloween party, I remember meeting some of my fellow Darth Vader’s during trick-or-treating, and I even had an epic duel with my friend, Gavin. (I won, by the way.) Then when it was time for bed, I only allowed the suit to come off if I could change into some Darth Vader PJ’s. (What can I say? I was a freak, and my mom was a trooper!) 

-Roland Mann

All of my Halloween memories come from my middle school and junior high years living in the Millcreek subdivision in Brandon, MS. The family has picture of me in other costumes, but I don’t remember most of them. My good pals in Millcreek were Mike Harris, Wynndel Stanton, and Kendall Jones. The four of us lived so close that we did so many things together. Mostly we hung out at Wynndel’s because he had a pool table. It’s all where we used to practice when we got our first band together—yes, we were a garage band in the literal days of garage bands.

One Halloween, before we really learned to play our instruments, we decided to go as KISS, each of us taking on the persona of the instrument we were learning. Thus…I went as Peter Criss because he was the drummer. Mike, as Ace, looked the coolest…but we collected a lot of candy that night. Probably one of my last times trick-or-treating.

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