Content Spotlight: Breaking into Comics

Hey there, Silverline Fam!

We got another great show for you! Right before taking off for the Thanksgiving break, the Wednesday Whammers talked about one of the hottest subjects for young creators. How the heck do you break into comics, and what does that look like?

All of the creators on this episode have worked with a wide array of companies in the industry (Silverline of course being the most important!) and on a number of published comics. This is a team that has already fallen forward, so take some of their advice to avoid the same pitfalls.

Wednesday Wham is our weekly live show that we air Wednesdays at 8 Pm EST on Twitch and Youtube. That means there is real-time engagement, including audience questions. If you are a creator hoping to make it in comics, follow our channels and catch the next live show so you can hear from our retinue of seasoned vets.

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