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Content Spotlight: Silver Sunday

Hey Silver Family!

This week is another spotlight of some content we put out here at Silverline. This would be a throwback, but I’m not sure two days count as much of a throwback. It might be more of a light-toss-back but that isn’t a thing.

If you put the math together with the postdate. Two days would be Sunday. Hey! We have a show on Sundays! That’s right the spotlight this week is on Silver Sunday.

This week had a really interesting topic, getting into some of the legalities of comic creation. If you’re interested in joining the comics field, or if you just really like learning how the sausage gets sued, this is a great watch.


Kayless Full Run on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo

Good news everyone!

Kayless has been completed! Issues 1-4 are now available on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. You can get the entire run as floppies or collected in one very attractive Trade Paperback. All your guests will see your Kayless trade sitting on your coffee table, lean in, and in a hushed voice ask “Who’s that? What’s their deal?” It’s so stunning, you’ll have to fight to keep it to yourself.

You can also order just the new floppies to complete your collection, or some of the back issues to catch up. Don’t forget we also do retailer bundles. If you’re trying to stock some shelves, hit that Retail Option and we’ll get fix ordered.

Kayless is a hot spy thriller burning its way through the atmosphere. It’s the story of a space race conspiracy that’s come back to haunt everyone involved and a hero that just wants to go back home. The problem for Scott Anders is his home is now deep in space and the powers that be want everything having to do with Project Kayless buried. But you already knew that. The question now is: What’s Scott going to do about it?

As a reminder, all Silverline books only get their run on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo once they are completed. There’s no gamble on if you’re going to get your book. Think of it as a preorder.

We got until the end of the week and our Kickstarter goal has already been doubled! Holy cow dudes! Our IndieGoGo needs a little kick to catch up, so if IndieGoGo is your go-to for comics, head on over and place your order.

We thank you! Without your readership, we wouldn’t be able to make comics. So please keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll do our best to keep you entertained.

We’ll catch you for our next run and until then. Make mine Silverline!



Hey Silverline Fam!

Here’s another Throwback Issue for you. Only this throwback isn’t too much of a throwback. It’s kind of newish. So I guess it’s more of a content spotlight. If you’re a frequented of Silverline Parlance, you know that we have several live shows. Well, now those shows have been edited down and converted to an audio-only format to better please your ears. You can listen to us in the car, at work, or even put us on speaker for a company-wide conference call. Link below, check it out!