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Kickstarter Campaign: Beah and Silverline Team-Up: Champion and Ms. Fury

Hey there, Silverline family!

We have two brand new titles up on Kickstarter (click here for the link)! Remember at Silverline, we don’t post anything until it’s finished. You’re not throwing money at a pipedream, hoping it gets finished. This is the same as preordering a completed book before it goes to retail.

The books featured this month are Beah and Silverline Team-Up: Champion and Ms. Fury. One is a wonderful all-ages story following the shenanigans of a stuffed animal after its owner leaves the inhabitants of the playhouse to their own devices. The other is an action-packed superhero cross-over set in the Cat & Mouse universe.

Beah features Beah, the favorite stuffed animal of an individual known as The Kid. The Kid has seemingly abandoned the toys of The Hollow, a location in a playhouse. Only Beah knows the truth behind The Kid’s disappearance. With their owner gone, chaos erupts in The Hallow. Shenanigans and a roller coaster of fun ensue.

Silverline Team-Up: Champion and Ms. Fury follows the Chicago Champion after he goes on a getaway to New Orleans. Unfortunately for him, danger does not seem to take vacations. At the same time, Marley Hale, soon to become Ms. Fury takes a job in New Orleans. It’s only a matter of time before these two do-gooders link up, and that’ll be a bad day for the bad guys.

Both stories were written by Roland Mann and lettered by Brian Dale. Beah features art by Haley Martin. Silverline Team-Up features pencils by Peter Clinton, Inks by Thomas Florimonte, and Color by Roberta Conroy.

The Kickstarter will run until 08/01/2021 and features tons of extra goodies for those who chose to back at higher levels. Alternate covers are available as well as original art pages. For those wanting something entirely unique, you could even purchase a commission from Thomas Florimonte or Peter Clinton! Of course, a wide variety of books from the Silverline backlog can also be purchased as Add-Ons.

To those that have backed us or purchased one of our books in the past, we thank you and hope that you join us as we release these new titles. If this is the first Silverline Kickstarter campaign that catches your eye, we welcome you to the Silverline family! We would not be able to make books like we do without your support, and we look forward to growing and providing you with more excellent comics in the future.

Stay good out there, and remember to Make Yours Silverline!